Supernatural, “I Like It Here”

Tonight marked the return of the hit CW drama “Supernatural,” now entering it’s Ninth Season. The end of last season saw Monster hunters Sam and Dean Winchester in dire straights outside an abandoned church with the king of hell held captive inside with all the Angels in existence falling from Heaven by the machinations of the villainous Metatron. Meanwhile their angelic ally Castiel wakes up in a forest on Earth, now presumably human. This is proven true as the season opener unfolds, following 3 basic threads. The primary one follows a distraught Dean in the hospital as he watches his brother die in front of him and seeks help through an open ended prayer to all fallen Angels within the immediate vicinity, thus painting a huge target on the hospital (though help does come in the form of an apparently benevolent angel named Ezekiel, followed by the unwanted attention of a number of unfriendly angels who are rather pissed about the whole “getting kicked out heaven” thing). The second plot threads follows Sam, in a coma, retreating into his subconscious and struggling between his urge to fight oncoming death or to simply allow it and go peacefully, which manifest in the forms of Dean and Bobby (a very welcomed return by Jim Beaver as the now deceased character). Sam ultimately decides that he’s fought long enough and wishes to pass on, even being greeted by the personification of Death, played once again by Julian Richings. However before Sam can cross over he is tricked by Ezekiel (who’s original vessel is played by dollhouse actor Tamoh Penikett) into forfeiting his body as a vessel so that Ezekiel can heal Sam from the inside, thus restoring him to life (all at the behest of Dean). Meanwhile, Castiel discovers the limitations of his now human form and encounters another angel, cast from heaven, and through this interaction learns that many of his kind are holding him accountable for all that has happened, thus making him public enemy number one. The episode ends with Castiel, human and vulnerable, on the lam from hundreds of Angry Old Testament angels and Sam returning to consciousness, unaware of the fact that he has an Angel secretly possessing him with Dean stacking lies on top of lies in his attempts to protect his younger brother from the truth. This will most likely lead to more drama between the two, which I’m not entirely sure if I’m looking forward to or not as the two being at each other’s throats has been the status quo since season 4. However i am looking forward to the psychological routes they could take with Sam when he does inevitably learn the truth, essentially being a living man who would rather be dead. As I often do in this series, I find myself magnified to any plot regarding the angels, as I absolutely adore the badass lovecraftian, fire and brimstone/ Old Testament interpretation that Supernatural has taken with them. I’d be lying if I said that Castiel wasn’t my favorite character and I definitely look forward to where they take his character this season. The acting was pretty solid all around, featuring good performances from both it’s leads: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki and Dean and Sam respectively, as well as Misha Collins as Castiel. All in all a strong season opener that does a good job at setting up various plots for episodes to come.

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