‘Best of 2013’ Pending

To start off I’d like to apologize for my lack of updates to the blog for the past two or three months, I’m sure the absence left a devastating void in the lives of my readers (all four of them). The semester was winding down and I had other endeavors to see to, as well as simply not feeling compelled to write on some of the shows I had been following (I may start limiting myself to reviewing only the first and last episode of a season for certain shows, occasionally making an exception for a stand out episode, so as to avoid repetition in my reviews). To kick off the new year I will be posting a top fifteen list for the movies of 2013 within the next week and a half. I’m opting for top fifteen instead of top ten because there were quite a few movies that I really enjoyed and felt deserved some from of recognition for one reason or another, as well as simply appealing to my genre tastes rather than my objective gauge of quality. Those are the movies that will be listed from fifteen through eleven, with ten and on representing the movies that I thought were truly the best of the year. I’ll be splitting the list up over the course of a few days, counting down to one with a paragraph or two explains my choice. I look forward to your thoughts and I hope you all had at great holiday!

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