The Lego movie

As the usual the first month of the year proved to be dumping ground for bad movies that various studios were contractually obligated to release, thus making The Lego Movie the first good movie of the year as far as I’m concerned. But allow me to stress that not only was The Lego Movie a good movie in comparison to it’s recent predecessors, it’s is a GREAT movie by in every way measurable by film criticism. Never have I seen a movie that so perfectly captures the limitless imagination of the child mindset, for that is what The Lego Movie is: a film about imagination. The writers/ directors Phil lord and Chris Miller (of whom I was already a huge fan) have cemented themselves filmmakers to be watched in the years come. The animation (which merges computer generated imagery with stop motion) is vibrant, colorful and captivating. Every frame of this movie is simply pulsating with energy and creativity. The story is a witty and charming riff on the tired “chosen one” narrative and explores themes of individuality, imagination, teamwork and self-confidence. These themes may sound like Saturday morning cartoon fare but they are execute with such sincerity and sweetness that they make this movie a must see for any child who has ever felt small or unimportant. The rapid fire humor hits the ground running making The Lego Movie infinitely rewatchable (I foresee myself finding more and more jokes that I missed in later viewings). And then there’s the voice cast which is simply fantastic. Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnet, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, Charlie Day and Will Farrel all deliver fantastically charming and fun vocal performances that imbue their already colorful characters with distinctive, vibrant personalities. Too often these days studios fall back on needless celebrity casting for animated films without any thought paid to how well those celebrities would play their characters, making the brilliant casting here all the more refreshing. Go see this movie, take your friends, take your family. Just see it. Give these people your money, because Hollywood sorely needs a wake up call in regards to how it approaches child-targeted films. Less shit like the Nut Job, Planes and Turbo and more labors of love like The Lego Movie. Then everything will truly be awesome.

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