Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Finely tuned, Laser-targeted weaponized nostalgia aiming straight for hearts of those who yearn for the cocaine fueled neon fever dream of the 80’s. And you know what? I fell for it. The tremendously charming cast of new faces and fun appearance of some old ones, Jason Reitman directs straight from his heart in this love letter to his father’s legacy. Paul Rudd pretty much plays the target audience as he geeks out over a ghost trap and vintage proton packs. A little messy and familiar in the end but not to the detriment of my enjoyment of the whole. The ecto-1 careens into frame and the ghostbusters are back.

👻 👻 👻 👻 out of 5!

Artwork courtesy of the real talent at work here: Christopher Chollet! Check out his work more of his work at: